Welcome and Find your Inspiration

Welcome to my blog!

My name is Cassey and I wanted to create a blog to showcase the true essence of “blackness” by dedicating this blog to fellow African Americans who, among other things, use their natural hair as a symbol of self-embracement and accepting oneself. But this isn’t just a blog about “natural hair”, this is a blog featuring our black American sisters and brothers from all parts of the country and especially so from my own “town” New York!

I want to capture in this blog the essence and beauty of blackness and bring together all races of our beautiful country, the United States of America. As an African American, I will be blogging about mostly of issues and concerns related to African Americans and their identity, but I am certainly open to cover other issues that are unrelated to this, and I certainly welcome anyone to contact me and to feel free to ask questions or give feedback :-)

Inspiration and Photographs (a lot of photographs!)

Yes, in this blog you will find a lot of photographs! That’s because I do believe that a¬†photograph is worth (more than) a thousand words. Photographs allow you to capture the real essence of a human being, and simply using words does not provide the bigger picture of what you’re trying to convey.

So browse around my blog and get your dose of inspiration and self-embracing. See you in here, ladies!

natural curly hair 3 teenie weenie afro huge hair of curls beautiful short curly hair mane long curly hair mane of kinky curls black woman with natural curly hair and short haircut