The proud natural curly hair of NY black men and women!

As a proud african american, there’s one thing that we have here in New York a lot and that’s lots of fellow african americans with natural hair :-)

We african americans typically have curly hair that we owe to our black african diversity and heritage. Our curls range from defined coils to frizzy naps but the beauty of our hair remains intact no matter the curl. New York is a beautiful city with as much diversity as the daily kinky hair heads I see every day! That’s why I have taken it upon myself to collect the photographs of kinky hair men and women of New York and show you just another pride we have up here in New York!! Not all pictures

Natural hair isn’t just a word!

kinky natural hair

Proof black hair can be sooo beautiful

curly kinky hair

Nappy hair sistas just rock the natural look


Black men and their kinky hair is so sexy with the right haircut too

A couple of pictures of black mens kinky hair for y’all to enjoy :-) not many black men let their curls grow but when they get some hair length their coils and kinks really shine! Like women black men grow all kins of curls from defined coils to frizzy nappy hair which I guess is what kinda detracts them from wanting to grow that black african hair!! If any of y’all black men with kinky hair are ready these lines then check out this hair care guide for black men. It’s from a site called Manly Curls and features many black men showing their kinky hair in all the curly expressions God gave them. We black women love hair inspiration so I’m sending y’all black dudes some kinky hair inspiration too!!! 😛

Short but no so short curly kinky hair young man :-)

black mens fade haircut

Beautiful afro hairstyle by a fine black brother black men nappy hair

Kinky natural hair even for men is so creative!!

natural hair style men

Men with nappy afro hairstyles look so dayum!!

nappy mens afro

My father a proud black man from New York who encouraged me to embrace my curly kinky hair

he also had some fine black hair!!

Yes thats my father above he would argue with my mother cuz my mother wanted to relaxed my coils and my father said hell no and to keep my natural curly hair as it was. Now that I am 30 I can really see and feel why my father was so emphasizing of my natural coils and I cherish my natural hair as my natural me.

You only have to spend a day in New York to discover all the treasures we have here. Every day for me is like I discover a new jewel in this city despite being born and raised here. For those of us black folks with natural hair New York is like a sanctuary for natural hair and kinky hair men and women blend every day into the human landscape of New York.

Just something else to be proud of being a New Yorker!!